About Saro Oil Palm

Saro Oil Palm Limited a multi-billion naira project is the single biggest investment decision that Saroafrica group has taken from inception till date. The investment in Oil Palm represents our stake and commitment towards achieving the group’s strategic objective to transform Saroafrica into a main player in the Agricultural value chain.


Our Value Offering

With consumers at the heart of our business, we are focused on complying with RSPO standards in production of:

Top Quality Palm Oil

Crude & refined, planted and processed to meet the consumer and industry needs.

Top quality PKO

Crude & refined, as Industrial feed for both local and global market.

Crude Palm Kernel Cake

As Industrial feed for both local and global market.

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Saro Oil Palm

Saro Oil Palm, still a project under Saroafrica International is currently being supervised by the Saroafrica Board.


Our Capabilities

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